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Wealth Management

Our Approach

As part of our Wealth Management Services, we provide the strategy, discipline and structure most investors seek, but often struggle to achieve on their own.  Accounts may include actively or passively managed investments, professionally managed separate accounts of stocks or bonds, laddered bond portfolios,  annuities, and alternative investments such as partnerships or investment trusts.  Larger portfolios may be appropriate for separate account management services, particularly when dealing with taxable accounts.

Accounts are periodically rebalanced between stocks, bonds, real estate and other asset classes to help reduce overall volatility.  All portfolios are reviewed regularly to assure we remain invested in best-in-class selections all of which are determined by an objective, independent perspective.  We strive for maximum flexibility in the midst of an ever-changing economic, tax, and investment environment.

A Preference for Equities

When appropriate, we coach our clients to accept short-term volatility to reap the performance advantages that can accrue over the long-term through equity oriented investments.  We generally advise our clients to consider bonds or fixed income investments when there is a need to reduce short-term volatility. The tendency of strong market upturns to occur in unpredictable, brief spurts highlight the risk of being "out of the market" at inopportune times.

We believe investor attempts to "time the market" by moving into and out of stocks to avoid periods of negative performance is most frequently counterproductive in the pursuit of a disciplined long-term investment program. We will, however, selectively over or underweight certain types of investments from time to time when our research indicates potential rewards to an investor through increased returns or reduced volatility.

Investment Tax Planning

Proper tax planning of an investment portfolio can potentially represent a risk free approach to improving one's after tax investment returns. While not all investment decisions will be dictated by the tax impact, considerable attention will be given to this aspect of your portfolio. Recent legislation has been quite favorable toward the tax rates that apply to dividends and long-term capital gains. Our approach emphasizes such tax-favored strategies.

On an ongoing basis, portfolios are reviewed for current and future tax planning opportunities to harvest tax losses, continually defer taxable gains, and orient interest income toward tax-exempt options.  We routinely recommend the use of tax efficient accumulation vehicles to maximize after tax results.

Tax time becomes less of a burden as we maintain tax records for each of your investments and coordinate year-end planning with your tax advisors.


It's not just a one shot plan. We help you follow through with your decisions to protect your spouse, kids, and business. If something should happen to you, we'll be there to help with all your financial affairs.

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